I'm going to record country life in the slow flow of time. So I want to write daily events that I feel myself


Today was the day of the harvest moon.
I was worried that we can’t look at a full moon, because it clouded during the day.
But in the night, it was fine. I could look at a full moon.
There are always my husband and me in the house. I bought rice bolls for the harvest moon, and we ate them with teas.
Then I went out. The moon light was made a thin shadow.
The moon was very beautiful.


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We gave son’s luggage and daughter’s luggage a lift in our car, and started to go to Shiga after noon.
We can also send son’s luggage.
But we decided to bring them, because there was his dearest guitar in luggage.
My husband will drive round trip.
I decided to go together because he was so anxious alone.
On our departure, he said to me, “Because when it became dark, and I feel drowsy, I want to speak to me. Please sleep in now,”
But I could not sleep.
We were late because of traffic accident.
When it was dark and he seemed to be sleepy, I began to speak him.
But he said to me, “shout out
He seemed that driving after dark had worn him out.
I stopped to speak.
But I began to whisper a song which listened in a car so that my voice wouldn’t disturb his driving.
He just asked to me, “What do you say?”
I answered, “I sang in a whisper.”
He said, “I thought I heard a weird voice! I was surprised. If you sing, you should sing a song in big voice.”
What can I do!! I didn’t know that coming here was good or bad.
That night, we stayed son’s apartment.
Next morning, we parted from him at half past 10, because he takes TOEIC examination.
Then we went to my daughter’s apartment. At noon, we met her and eat the lunch and did shopping. After the shopping, we went back her apartment. My husband took a nap about one hour. Then he and I left her apartment at past 5 p.m.
On way back, I didn’t speak, because the sky went dark.
He asked to me, “How are you? Are you tired? Are you all right?”, because he was afraid for my mood.
I answered to him, “yes. I’m All right!”
We were tired each other because of diverse reasons, but we were glad to see my children.
Anyhow my husband was more tired than me because he was driving all way. Many thanks for him!



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にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語の日記へ


I was given Torenia seedlings from the woman who was given miso to me last week.
There were a lot of Torenia flowers in her garden.
And it seems the flowers propagate by seed which are falling one after another.
The seedlings which were given were little. But flowers bloomed.
Flowers were like cool.
I hope that the flowers bloom nest year^^


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にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語の日記へ


On the calendar, today was morning dew’s day.
It’s the time that we feel a whiff of fall Little by little.
Now I see to the beginning of rice’s harvest. And I am felt the fall by blue of sky, smell of the wind and the air of morning and evening.


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